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Properties in Pune: Investment in Properties in Pune

Pune Properties: Real Estate Investment in Pune is booming despite Pune property prices being scorching hot. Real Estate Agents in Pune say that prices of some Pune hot properties have only one way to go, up!
Properties in Aundh, Baner, Pashan, Hinjewadi, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, NIBM Road, Wanowrie, Mohammadwadi, etc. are most sought after.

More & more people are investing in Pune properties as compared to before. Are you considering buying / selling a property in Pune or giving your Pune property on lease?

This process requires a lot of time, patience and efforts. Are we sure of getting a good deal? Most times, we buy at a higher rate, sell cheap and lease at a lower rate, simply because not many know about our intentions of buying, selling or leasing a property. In short, we don't have many choices.

Do You Have The Time From Your Busy Schedule To Find: -

The perfect Pune property for sale at the best price? If you are a buyer.
If we want to buy Pune real estate we have to go through the tiresome process of eliminating all those properties that do not fit our criteria, like location, price, size of property, amenities included, etc.

The right buyer at the highest price? If you have properties in Pune to sell.
If we have real estate in Pune to sell, we have to go through the process of eliminating casual enquirers from serious buyers and then sort from the serious ones as per their bids and payment terms.

The perfect property to lease at the lowest rent? If you want Pune real estate on rent.
If we want a Pune hot property on rent, we have to go through the tiresome process of eliminating all those properties that do not fit our criteria, like location, price, size of property, amenities included, etc.

The right customer for leasing, giving the highest rent? If you have a property in Pune to lease.
If we have a property in Pune to give on lease, we have to go through the process of eliminating casual enquirers from serious customer’s and then sort from the serious ones as per their bids.

How Can We Have More People Know About Our Plans For Buying / Selling / Leasing Real Estate in Pune, So That We Would Have More Choices?

REALTY MATCHING: Introducing a property site where data of the buyer, seller, property owner and the customer wanting a rental property in Pune, is displayed in MINUTE DETAIL. For example, say a person buying property in Pune wants an east-facing apartment in a co-operative housing society with gym and pool but prefers only the first floor, or, a plot owner wants to sell a vacant plot, which has water, electricity and 100 feet main road frontage. All these small details are very important to shortlist the right property / right buyer from all the hundreds of properties and enquiries that you will come across.

We publish each and every small, but important detail in an easy to read format so that you can receive a much better targeted response that matches your details. You can send in your buying / leasing requirements or selling / to let requests and they will be published here under “Comments” so that your target audience will contact you directly, instead of you contacting them. Alternately, you can search the listings for those small details that you had in mind. Copy the format from the appropriate "Titles" on the right, for example, Want-on-Rent-Apartment etc. Then click on "Comments", which you will find a few lines below. Paste the format in the box provided and fill it up with all your details & submit. Then, sit back and relax.

For the best in Pune property & the best in Pune property prices, list your details now.


Ravi said...

Hello! I liked your blog. Pune real estate needs this. I like the way you have made different sections. It is simple to navigate. Collecting info is a tough job. I am sure you will make it happen. I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Ramesh Naik from Naik Navare Association, a property brokerage firm, explains that oversupply of property, especially in the residential segment is adding to this trend. "Most of the construction projects are in their initial phases. Hence, the property developers are in a hurry to sell their projects. The projects are priced comfortably. And the developers are luring home seekers with gifts and rebates. Some property developers are offering reduced Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) and some are wavering parking fees for housing units," says Naik. He adds that many transactions are happening the actually figures are difficult to compute.

For more details on Pune Properties, log on to

Brazil property said...

Nice post. In this fast world, peoples have very short time for buying/selling/renting properties all over the world. You have done a good job, giving peoples online portal, accessible 24/7 to rent/lease/sell property. Goo job.
Appreciation for your blog.

abi said...

I agree to what you said.. we should be more aware and quick in thinking when planning to have a nice vacation read some blogs or look for a comment of those people who went there on that place and look at what they told in that blog or comment.

paula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
citiesads said...

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surabhi said...

Nice information about Pune properties. For more pune properties, real estate agents, builders, commercial properties, builders & contractors please visit pune classifieds

Vimple said...

happy to read your article & people reply..great communication skill

Sheth said...

Truly said that prices of hot properties in pune are going to rise one way and the demand is growing rapidly in pune. and its the right time for investment in pune.

Thanks for Sharing,
Pune Builders

Prerna said...

Good article...keep posting



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