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Vastu Consultant in Pune: Are you a Vastu Consultant in Pune?

If you are a Vastu Consultant in Pune, providing consulting services to buyers and renters of properties; then please do list your contact info alongwith range of services provided. This site attracts millions of visitors, so as a Vastu Consultant in Pune, you can now get serious business from TARGET high profile customers.

We list every MINUTE DETAIL of a property or its requirement, which is important for the decision to buy or rent from short-listed properties.

What is "Vastu"?
(Vaa-stew) is an ancient Indian science dealing with construction technology and techniques for building environment friendly dwellings which are in harmony with nature, surrounding environment, cosmic energy, gravitational forces, electromagnetic waves and the universe.

Vastu can be defined as harmonious, proportionate, and positive interaction of all the matters encompassing human life. Vastu offers adequate representation to all factors governing life to create, in a sense, harmonious and melodious music in human dimension. Artistic viewpoint and aesthetic outlook are essential ingredients of vastu. Vastu can be explained in terms of constructive or destructive combination of the various oscillatory fields.

Vastu effectively manipulates the web of cosmic energy for the betterment of humankind. Its well-defined rules and regulations ensure that all the houses, buildings and other structures are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Where modern architecture aims at bodily comforts of a dweller and functional effectiveness of the structure; vastu aims at ensuring the health, happiness, prosperity, and well being of the human being occupying the dwelling and endows him with a sustained peace and tranquility of mind.

Through vastu the physical world and the abstract world have to be matched properly and equitably in order to build the best possible dwelling. Physical world includes aspects as building material, construction equipment, budgetary estimates, time duration to complete the construction, the contractor, and skilled and unskilled labors.

Now reach your target high profile customers. Post your complete services range on this page under “Comments”.

The uniqueness of listing on this site: - Announce your presence and various services to city-specific property buyers/owners/renters. Show them what you have on offer, and your location. It’s FREE!

Please do attach photos if possible to generate a better response.

Along with the other details do specify the foll: -
Your Name: -
Landline Phone #: -
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List of Services: -

Individual & corporate investors & consumers from across the world view this site, so please post an impressive presentation.


Vastu Consultant in Pune, list your details here.

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